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Get access to exceptional remote talent without breaking the bank! Access affordable top-notch freelancers through our services.

2 Reasons Why Remote Filipino Employees

They work under Outsourcing Firms with Timetrackers.

They work in a Freelance platform with service fee + No Health Benefits.

Don't last long...

Don't last long..

Don't last long.

Organize Sensation respects freelancers' privacy and offers fair compensation. We don't monitor or deduct salaries, providing competitive pay with no cuts. After three months, freelancers receive additional HMO benefits, prioritizing well-being while preserving privacy. We value freelancers based on results and quality of work, letting achievements speak for themselves.

As a freelancer in the Philippines, managing healthcare costs is challenging. We provide HMO benefits after three months of work, ensuring affordable healthcare services. Choose our company for peace of mind, knowing your healthcare needs are covered, allowing you to focus on your work without unexpected medical bills.

Organize Sensation connects clients with highly skilled and reliable filipino freelancers.

Unleash the Power of Possibilities with Our Game-Changing Solution!

Organize Sensation prioritizes the health of highly skilled Filipino Freelancers

Organize Sensation as Headhunter

Organize Sensation excels in headhunting top talent for our clients. Our proactive and targeted approach goes beyond traditional methods, identifying professionals aligned with culture and objectives. Thorough screenings ensure exceptional and qualified candidates. Benefit from our extensive network, industry expertise, and personalized approach. We understand your hiring needs and deliver talent for long-term success and growth. Trust us for exceptional results and securing top-tier talent to drive your business forward.

Organize Sensation as an Outsourcing

Organize Sensation is a reputable outsourcing company that connects businesses with skilled professionals to streamline operations. Access exceptional remote talent without infrastructure investments or full-time hires. Our meticulous selection process ensures highly qualified candidates for exceptional results. Benefit from increased flexibility, scalability, and reduced costs. We prioritize long-term partnerships, tailored solutions, and transparent processes. Expect efficient service, cost savings, access to exceptional talent, and scalability. Thrive with our customized outsourcing solutions for productivity, efficiency, and success.

Let's navigate the Path to Success Together!

1.Click "Apply Now" and provide detailed information about the job role and the specific qualifications you require for the position. This will help us understand your needs better.

2.Our dedicated team will conduct a thorough search to identify top-notch candidates who closely match the role and qualifications you specified. We utilize advanced recruitment strategies, including candidate sourcing, screening, and assessment, to ensure we find the best fit for your organization.

3.Based on our extensive evaluation process, we will present you with a curated list of three candidates who possess the necessary skills and qualifications. You will have the opportunity to review their profiles, resumes, and any other relevant information to make an informed decision.

4.Once you have reviewed the candidate profiles, you can select the individual whom you believe is the best fit for your organization. After making your selection, we will initiate the hiring process and handle all the necessary paperwork and negotiations on your behalf.

5.Our fee structure is based on a success model. Upon successful hiring, you will be required to pay us a fee equal to 35% of the candidate's annual salary. This payment is due after the candidate has started working with your company.

6.Additionally, after the candidate has completed three months of employment, we provide them with a basic Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan. This ensures their well-being and provides them with necessary medical coverage.

7.We are committed to your satisfaction. In the unlikely event that the chosen candidate does not meet your expectations within the first 99 days of employment, we offer a client guarantee. We will work closely with you to find a suitable replacement candidate at no additional cost.

Why Choose Us? Let's Playfully Explore!

A Marvelous Array of Uniquely Skilled Candidates: No matter what role you're looking to fill, we've got you covered! Our vast network boasts the highest quality and uniquely skilled remote candidates that will amaze you.

Masters of Remote Staffing for Over 15 Years: Remote staffing is our true calling, long before it becomes a trend in 2020. We've spent years honing our craft, perfecting the art of hiring and retaining exceptional remote teams.

Dancing Between Cultures with Expertise: We've got the rhythm when it comes to understanding both Filipino and American cultures. Our knack for navigating the intricacies allows us to bridge any gaps and create harmonious work environments for all.

Our Filipino Super Squad: Behold the power of our solutions! We boast a fantastic in-house team of 90 skilled superheroes hailing from the Philippines. They're experts in management, development, HR, accounting, finance, marketing, and business process improvement. They're all here, working together to support our clients and staff with unmatched prowess.

A Win-Win Adventure: Brace yourself for mutually beneficial opportunities galore! For businesses, we offer a reliable and adaptive workforce that delivers excellent value. And for our Filipino workers, we provide family-friendly conditions, job security, and competitive wages. It's a sensational win-win situation for everyone involved!

Nationwide Talent Extravaganza: Unlike ordinary remote agencies, we spread our wings and hire nationwide across the Philippines. This means you'll have access to a dazzling pool of talent, no matter where they reside. We'll make sure the stars align to bring you the best of the best!

So why wait? Join us on this playful adventure and let us take your staffing experience to new heights. You'll be amazed by the extraordinary candidates, our years of expertise, the harmonious cultural dance, our Filipino super squad, the win-win wonders, and the nationwide talent extravaganza we have in store for you!

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